About Us

Hi, I’m Alfredo Cornelio

As part of my therapy, I’ve started to write about all things basketball 😀. My interest in basketball started when I got my hands on my first (mini-sized) basketball, and to this day I follow the game closely. I’m a lifelong 45ers fan, but I’ll watch just about any game if I can.

One thing you can’t argue, no matter if you are dunking the ball or hitting a three, is that basketball is the best sport in the world. Our mission for this site is to discuss all things hoops. What is the best equipment for my budget? How can I improve my shooting stroke? Who are the best centers in the NBA today? We cover it all (and more!) here. Save your time searching the web and stop by for all of your basketball needs

I’m incredibly thankful for the attention the blog has gotten and look forward to keeping the project going forward! Thanks for visiting Oyeball !