Why do baseball players wear chains?

Officially major and minor league permits baseball players to wear jewelry during gameplay unless the light is reflected from the chain hitter`s or batter’s eye. Most of the top-rated players strongly agree with this rule. There are multiple reasons why baseball players prefer chains.

But mostly they love wearing gold chains to make their marks or make themselves distinct or prominent

Some common reasons for wearing chain

1.Better Look

Undoubtedly Gold being a precious metal gives the players a powerful and luxurious appearance. Furthermore, it shows the status of the players wearing it. A chain is usually worn by a player having multi-million dollar contracts. They wear jewelry to show their luxury and repute. They take this activity as their hobby. This chain-wearing hobby gives them a dashing look. Some wear it under the shirt while others completely unbutton the shirt.

2.Religious concern

Some players wear chains to show their religious concerns such as they wear gold chains with the cross sign on them. It helps the players to feel spiritually superior and optimized. Furthermore to ascertain their spiritual and religious considerations and finally to boost their playing spirit Devoted Major Leagues players perform certain ritual activities with the cross- chain such as kissing it or touching it with their heart and head.


Not all the players in the world are scientific there are some who think that wearing some kind of chain will help them win the match or at least will improve their performance. Though it is a superstition but it greatly impacts their playing energy. Some top-rated MLB players such as Justin Verlander or Jon Lester claim that wearing any jewelry or accessory during gameplay helps them perform better in the match. And because of that Phiten necklaces became an essential accessory during gameplay for them

Different Types of Baseball Player Chains

There are various amazing types of gold chains depending upon the purpose and choice of the baseball player. Every baseball player wears a specific necklace. Here in the present section of this article, we are going to present you with different types of chains that are most popular among the top-rated players.

1.Gold Chain

The gold chain helps you look sophisticated giving your body a sense of lightweight. It shows the plainness and value of the player while making him distinct from the other player. Furthermore, its simplicity helps you stay focused on the game. To buy this chain you can simply visit the local jewelry stores available near you or you can buy them online from amazon

2.Gold Plated Chain

Necklaces such as Gold Plated Chains come with interwoven and plated designs. They are extremely dandy, thick, and eye-catching. Due to their loveliness and charm, they are the most loved chains. But it has a drawback as well. Sometimes it might obstruct the view and might get entangled anytime especially during chasing a balloon. But despite these facts, it is most liked and worn by top-rated players such as Mookie Betts. He always carries multiple chains in his hand.

3.Gold Cross

Gold cross chains are usually worn by players who show much religious and spiritual concern. MLB players who prefer wearing these chains are usually religious and devout people. The good thing about these chains is that they are a bit smaller in size but contrarily they are a bit heavy as well. Sometimes the players wear these chains with the concern that wearing a cross around their necks will save them from any potential damage and help them play better.

4.Phiten Necklace

Now finally there is a special type of jewelry that has its own identity and its own special name, Phiten necklaces. Due to its classy look, it is worn by most MLB players. They are so designed as the look like twisted rope necklaces. The main designer of this type of jewelry claims that he has infused platinum in the construction of such necklaces. Furthermore, he claimed that platinum is so prepared that it helps in redesigning the body’s biological electrical fields. This helps the player become more energetic and vigorous during the play.

Which Major League Baseball players wear gold chains?

Well, if we talk about MLB players then Mookie Betts is the one who wears the chain the most. In 2018 he received it as a gift from a fan during his spring practice when he was playing against Boston Red Sox. Furthermore, there are certain other players as well such as Javier Báez, Juan Soto, Mallex Smith, or Chris Archer who wear gold chains

Can players in other sports wear chains while playing?

Well NBA and MLB are the games that usually welcome such amazing innovation. They not only allow it but also announce them as officially acceptable. But unlike them, other sports do not allow such activities. They claim that the chains in severe circumstances might injure the players wearing them

Conclusion: Baseball Players Chains

In the end, we can reach the conclusion that these days wearing chains has become a fundamental activity for most players. Wearing change impacts their gameplay greatly. The specific type of necklace worn by the players reflects their personalities. They wear the chains for several reasons but the biggest of them is the stylish look that the chains offer. Through these chains, they don’t only make themselves more confident but also become a point of attraction for their fans