How Many Calories do You Burn Playing Basketball?

Are you worried about your over-Weight? But don’t know what to do about it. No worries, we have a solution to your problems. Well, being a basketball lover it is normal to get conscious about the maintenance of your weight. It is the key element for a great performance.

Let us tell you the amazing fact, according to Harvard Health Publications a person weighing 155-lb can lose a huge amount of calories (almost 298 calories) just in 30 minutes if he plays basketball. And if the weight is larger than the amount of burned calories would be 355 calories just in minutes

How does this incredible calorie loss happen?

It has been medically proven that a person with overweight consumes more energy comparatively hence there is a correlation between body weight and calorie loss. No worries now, the heavier you are the more calorie you will burn

Balancing with Calorie Deficit

The fundamental purpose of any exercise is to burn more calories than the ingested ones. And that is calorie deficit. But along with exercise here comes the role of diet as well. So you have to be sure that you don’t consume too many calories daily. You should always go for a healthy diet having whole foods, easy to digest, and having a sufficient amount of fiber in it.

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Calorie Formula

Though there are multiple factors that affect the number of calories burnt such as workout intensity, age, genetics, and gender. But there is a formula through which you can measure your total calorie expenditure with amazingly accurate results. You just have to multiply the weight of your body (in pounds) by 3.6

Calorie Expenditure = Body Weight in pounds X 3.6

Well, it requires a massive amount of energy to play as most sports activities are “start, stop and run”, especially in basketball. Hence the loss of calories is great. Let us talk about some types of Basketball Play for Calorie Burning

Types of Basketball Play for Calorie Burning

According to The American Council on Exercise, there are six classes of calorie-burning activities that burn a specific amount of calories. The number of calories burnt per game along with the play is as follows

  1. Playing Full-court helps you lose 442 calories but at the local YMCA the number of lost calories reaches up to 677 calories
  2. Running in the court helps you lose 171 calories 
  3. Shooting baskets helps you lose 127 calories 
  4. Intense Dribbling helps you lose 124 calories 
  5. Making Passes helps you lose 3 Calories 
  6. Taking Jump Shots helps you lose 2.5 Calories per Game

Conclusion:How Many Calories do You Burn Playing Basketball

In the end, we can safely say that basketball is a fantastic game where along with having fun a player can also burn a ton of calories. But along with that you also have to keep in mind that the frequency and ratio of calories burnt will also depend upon the mass of your body, the energy consumed with every move, playing duration, and finally the number of moves during gameplay. Now it is the time to take action. Start having a healthy diet and play basketball on a regular basis to ensure the maximum loss of extra calories.