How To Break In Basketball Shoes (Step By Step)

Wearing new basketball shoes is always uncomfortable, but if you don’t take precautions, you may have painful blisters, sprains, fractures, or any other foot injury. Additionally, the shoes may be too small or the wrong shape for your feet, but it is natural for them to feel a little complicated when you first put them on break in basketball shoes

For these reasons, basketball players are usually concerned about breaking in their new shoes as quickly as possible. But how should you go about doing this? Here we will give you some tips that will help you break in your new shoes in no time, as well as some quick tips for choosing the latest basketball shoes.

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How To Break In Basketball Shoes Quickly :5 Methods

Break in Basketball shoes

1.Twisting With Your Hands

If you are lazy like me and don’t want to get up from bed, this method can perfectly work for you to break in your basketball shoe quickly. 

There is no rocket science; you need to hold your basketball shoe with both hands from toe and heel and then twist the shoe gently, which will make your basketball shoe less rigid in no time.

2.Do Some Light Activity

Before going for some hard-hitting basketball game, light activity, i.e., Jogging or walking around the home, can help break in basketball shoes and gives a safe side from painful blistering and other harmful foot injuries.

3.Wear Thick Socks

Before you put on your new basketball shoe for lightweight activity, there are still chances of spraining and tripping up your ankle. To avoid such cases, always wear thick basketball socks pair and if you don’t have thick socks, then wear two pairs of casual socks. Warming your feet before getting basketball shoes on can also give extra safety precautions.

4.Do Some Basketball Drills

Light activity is not enough if you want your basketball shoes to break in overnight than before the full fledge match or a practice basketball game. To speed up the break-in process, necessary to do some basketball drills. 

While performing the drills, there are lots of movements and steps which will make your feet stiff and challenging but will adjust your feet with new basketball shoes, 

ultimately, stretching your new basketball shoes can give you a comfortable feeling after a week or two when you are in actual gameplay.

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5.Use Shoe Stretcher

Did you get a surprise gift of a basketball shoe which you didn’t try before? If it’s a bit smaller in length or width of your feet, then this is the case where a shoe stretcher can help you. 

Basketball players commonly use this tool to stretch out their new basketball shoes to get comfort, support, and gripping of shoes while playing.

Although a shoe stretcher is not a magical tool that will decrease the length, it can only stretch the basketball shoes by half inches in width or height, which is significant to breaking in the basketball shoe and gives you a larger space for your wide or lengthy feet.

How To Choose New Basketball Shoes?

1.   Try Before Final Selection

The first and best way to get comfortable with your basketball shoes is to get the correct size, neither too small nor too large. Rather than purchasing from an online store, it would solve your many problems if you go to a local store.

2.   Choose The Correct Type

There are many types of purchasing the correct kind of basketball shoes is another way to get most of them. The high-top shoes provide extra ankle support in jump shots, while the low-top shoes are lighter and comfortable and best for speedy runs and dribbling.

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3.   Buy Before Actual Gameplay

As you know, the new basketball shoes require a break-in process, so it is always advisable to purchase new shoes at least two months early from the season starting or the actual gameplay. That will provide extra time to adjust your feet and avoid any discomfort on the court.

4.   Design Of Basketball Shoes

When choosing the new basketball shoes, it’s not always to look at how they are made, but you’ll also consider how appealing they are. You can choose any colors and design which best describes your personality or some branded colors which make you stand out in the crowd.

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How Long Does It Typically Take To Break In New Basketball Shoes?

The break-in process of new basketball shoes purely depends on the individual player, which method he can adopt, and the urgency of a break-in also plays an important role.

If there is no season or match in upcoming weeks, then you can let them break in naturally, while if the gameplay or the season is on the head, then it requires minimal time to complete the break-in process

1-2 weeks is needed to break in new basketball shoes. Regular 15-20 mins walk around, light exercise or basketball practice daily can speed up the process. With a shoe stretcher, twisting with hands and basketball drills for 2-3 days can complete the break-in process of new basketball shoes.

Do Basketball Shoes Loosen Up?

Yes, basketball shoes loosen up over time. The stretching of basketball shoes purely depends on the material used in shoes and the frequency of usage. Short usage will take an extended period, while if you use it daily, the typical basketball shoes loosen up in 2-3 weeks.

Why Do Basketball Shoes Hurt My Feet?

The new basketball shoes are made of leather type, sturdy, stiff, and inflexible, and take time to adjust to the player’s feet. Most commonly, the new basketball shoes hurt slightly at the start and cause blisters if not correctly broken in.

But there are also some other problems which cause pain, i.e., you have foot fracture in the past or flat feet. If you have a flat feet problem, you should always consider shoes specifically designed for flat feet players.

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How Do You Break In Basketball Shoes In One Day?

The new shoes are sturdy leather and take time to loosen up. You can speed up the break-in process by applying a twisting method and shoe stretcher. That makes your new basketball shoes up for practice matches or light activity but not for the fireside gameplay.

Conclusion: How To Break In Basketball Shoes?

New shoes always bring different happiness and motivation to basketball players. But they cause some severe injuries and blisters if not break in properly. We have provided detailed and easy methods so you can remain safe from any serious foot problems.

I hope this article has cleared all your queries about how to break in basketball shoes. If you have any questions related to break-in methods, you can comment below, and our team members can reach out to you as soon as possible to help you in any case.