How to Spin a Basketball on Your Finger Tips

If you have ever seen Harlem Globetrotters playing live then you can’t help spinning basketball yourself. You know its quiet fun to spin a basketball or watch other player tricking with it. It is an amazing and a cool trick. When spinning, it feels that the ball is floating in the air. But wait! Do you not know how to spin a basketball on your fingers? No need to worry the amazing thing about this trick is that it can be learned by any one. Though it seems a bit difficult and requires a great cooperation of your head with your eyes, but here in this article we are going to teach you some best and the easiest method to learn how to spin a basketball on your fingers. After knowing the way to spin the ball, just a little practice and following proper steps would be enough to help you get through your basketball spinning craze making it all the more fun.

What Do I Need to Learn to Spin a Basketball on My Finger?

How to Spin a Basketball on Your Finger

Since it might appear a bit difficult to spin a ball at first, so it’s normal to get apprehensive. Don’t worry in the present article we are going to present you the solution to all your problems relevant to spinning a basketball on your fingers. No special skills are required to learn the spinning technique, just need to follow a list of simple steps with certain requirements before your start spinning you ball.

Old basketball – old basketball will help you spin better as it will be worn, slick, and more smooth having less friction and will easily spin comparatively
A finger – Of course a finger is a must to spin a ball any of your fingers will be good enough but mostly index finger or middle finger is preferred.
Clipped Fingernails –your fingernails need a trim first. As they may make it difficult and even worse, they might get bent back result in pain.
Space –adequate space is a must, particularly when you have just started learning. The ball will surely be floating all over the place.
Persistence and Patience– you might have heard the quote “practice makes a man perfect” This trick requires Persistence and Patience get good at. The more you practice, the better you it would be.
Stretching your arms and fingers–it is too quick and hard to spin a basketball which may lead to strain your wrists or fracture your finger! So do stretch to warm up before practice.

How to Spin a Basketball on Your Finger

Here are the tips and steps on how to Spin a Basketball on Your Finger but remember that there is always more to come. The basic object of the article is to provide you some guidelines and direction to learn spinning a balls Broadly speaking, there are methods to spin a ball namely one handed spin and two handed spin.

One-handed spin

One-handed spinning seems a bit cooler and can be easier. But it’s harder to have a fast spin, but once you start raising ball speed does not matter, try slapping it to spin it more. Try holding the ball in your leading hand with upright strippers or finger pads and bring it to your chest level. On your fingertips the ball will rest when your hand is at the bottom of the ball and thumb is pointing outward.

Just a single click motion, try twisting your hand and fingers in such a way that your thumb leans towards your body.Try spinning it with your fingertips facing your body. To spin in other direction might get tough. Whentwisting your hand make sure it is a little up in one motion and release the ball directly up into the air. Atfirst, don’t care for speed instead try to have a good steady spin on the ball. Once the spin is consistent,trying to power up to increase the speed is fun.

Two-handed spin

This is a more favored method as it grants you more power and control over the spinning ball allowing you to get more speed. Holding the ball bring it to your chest level. Extend the fingertips around the ball bottom and others flat on the side. Try twisting your hand with a slight rising motion, while the ball is spinning twist your hands and release the ball up into the air up to a reachable height. Try having a good feel of how to spin the ball so that the spin might be good, constant, and stable. Once the spin becomes steady work on making it speedier.

Possess the Momentum

Ultimately, the momentum will being to lose as the ball will get slower. Once it gets slowed down, there are maximum chances that it will fall. But the momentum can be kept going by hitting or nibbling the side of the ball slightly with available hand to make sure that it keeps spinning.

Conclusion: How to Spin a Basketball on Your Finger

That’s it! It looks very simple, no? For some people I will definitely be easy and for others it may take a little time to get it done at the first place. It is really your coordination level that it depends on. Don’t get disheartened, if at first you face trouble, keep on trying and practicing. The more you practice, the better it will happen.