What is RPI in Basketball? RPI Formula

The rating percentage index, or RPI, is a specific technique for ranking teams based on their achievement in basketball games, including wins and losses, strength of schedule, and the strength of the opponents schedule. Several sports, including basketball, hockey, volleyball, baseball, etc., use the RPI ranking system extensively. This system was launched from 1981 until 2018.

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Formula for calculating RPI in Basketball

For calculation RPI following three factors are evolved

  1. Winning Percentage of the team is equal to 25% of the RPI
  2. Average Winning Percentage of the opponent Team 50% of the RPI
  3. Winning Percentage of the average of the opponent’s opponent 25% of the RPI

How to calculate RPI Calculation:

RPI = (WP * 0.25) + (WPO * 0.50) + (WPOO * 0.25)

Highest and Lowest RPI Teams in Basketball?

Kansas-Jayhawkers have a 0.667 RPI while winning 34 games and losing 6 matches.

While IUPUI-Jaguars has 0.3303 RPI during the 2021-22 season by losing 26 matches and winning 3 games only.

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Top 10 College Basketball Teams with High RPI

What is RPI in Basketball


  • RPI is helpful to rank the performance of each team. A team with an RPI of 10 is better than a 120 RPI.
  • RPI not only depends on a team’s performance but also on the performance of the opponent team.
  • A team who is winning continuously has to meet an opponent with a weak RPI. It gives good winning opportunities for his good performances.
  • RPI depends upon winning percentages that are easy to understand for the audience

Cons of RPI

  • RPI can not predict the winning ability of a team.
  • RPI measures the metrics only instead of the team’s control.
  • RPI doesn’t describe the degree of win or loss.

In the 2018 off-season, NCAA replaced RPI with some modifications to NCCA Evaluation Tool known as NET

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NET is NCCAS latest rating formulae launched in place of RPI implemented during the 2018-19 season. NET is based on other factors as well. e.g game results, the strength of schedule, margin of scoring, net defensive efficiency, location of the game, win-loss quality, etc… This system is purely based on the machine learning model. NET promotes the establishment of the teams profile beyond the rating only.

Calculation of NET

Field goal attempts-offensive rebounds + turnover+ (0.475*free throw attempts)

Major Difference Between RPI & NET

  • RPI is simple while NET is complicated
  • NET describes the same factor approximately as RPI instead of some extra factors
  • A team with a high RPI does not mean it would have a high NET

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Conclusion: What is RPI in Basketball

RPI is a percentage rating-based methodology that ranks teams according to their performance in matches and the caliber of their opponents. RPI is renowned for being a schedule strength. NET has taken the place of RPI, but RPI is still functional in some games and at the college level. Instead, the NET rating is used, although it also incorporates several more elements along with the RPI ranking factor. The NCAA continues to promote its use and team rankings. RPI can still be used to evaluate a teams competitiveness in any event.