What is the Difference between Volleyball and Basketball?

Are you a diehard fan of basketball and volleyball? Have you ever come to the thought “which is better?” which one is more fun and easy to play, basketball or volleyball? If all these questions keep on stirring your mind and you want the answers to these questions then you are in the right place. Here, in the present article, we will be answering all these questions and many more one by one in detail.

The best thing about any sport is that if you learn any skill in one will definitely help you perform better in another one automatically as it involves both your physical and mental coordination with the game and court you are playing in. same is the case with basketball and volleyball along with having difference both the games have some major similarities complementing both one by the other Let us first talk about basketball it is played in a fun way where each team is assigned one hoop on the opposite sides of the field or court. Then there begins the race of getting the ball into the other team’s hoop. This is how the playing teams score against each other. Volleyball on the other hand involves one net suspended in the center of the court which divides the playing teams who try to pass to the other team on the other side by hitting it Now let us have a look at the seminaries and differences between Volleyball and Basketball in detail.

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Difference between Volleyball and Basketball?

What is the Difference between Volleyball and Basketball?

Like any real sport, both volleyball and basketball are team-oriented games. In both of them, the moving of the ball through or over a net is involved. They both have the rule to pick up and pass. Both the games are so designed that the teams have to be very fast while playing. You can’t play basketball and volleyball if it is not centered on building a team and improving it. Now that is really a task to do. Most of the time when the players do not have sportsman spirit it gets very much difficult to get a group of people to pass the ball to the other. Along with individual coordination, full team coordination and positioning are essential. The efficient use of hands is the prime thing in both of the games. Hence don’t be afraid as you don’t have to use kicking in both games. Both basketball and volleyball can be played by both men and women.

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Some Fun Facts Regarding Basketball

These days Basketball is known as one of the most played and exciting games in the world which are played all around the world. It got invented in the late 1800s. It got first played with the help of two peach baskets and a soccer ball. The balls used in basketball are heavy ranging almost to a pound hence are weighty for dribbling. But they are made in such a way as to be easily gripped to

make a perfect connection with the palm of your hand. Basketball involves a maximum of five players for each team. Basketball is a contact sport as when the team starts from either side of the field the players mix up making the passes and blocks more fun

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Some Fun Facts about Volleyball

Volleyball got invented at almost the same time as basketball. But unlike basketball Volleyballs are so designed as to be lightweight so that they are easy to pass with the hands and arms. Their weight ranges from 9-10 ounces. Volleyball involves six players playing the game on each team. Like basketball volleyball is also a fast game but comparably less fast when compared to basketball where the direction is always uncertain and the ball moves in second from one team to the other, so you don’t need to be a super athlete if you want to play volleyball. But sometimes you have to dive to save the ball from hitting the ground

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The Rules of Basketball

The rules of basketball are very simple. You play the game shooting or throwing the ball and win if you succeed to throw the ball into the opposing team`s hoop. If the shot is made behind three-point line you get three points otherwise two for each well shot into the hoop resulting in the team scoring more to win Each team has two types of players namely defensive and offensive. Offensive players aim to get the ball in the team’s net. They do so by dribbling the ball while running by bouncing in on the ground and avoiding the ball to touch both hands at a time. If the ball is being dribbled then the player has to bounce it after every two steps. Both hands can only be used when passing or shooting the ball into the hoop but when the ball is packed you are not allowed to dribble it again. While playing basketball the players have to make sure that the ball stays in the court. On the other hand, defensive players aim at defending the hoop from being scored by the opposing team. Their job is fundamentally to maintain that the ball stays out of their opposing team’s hoop committing any foul.

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The Rules of Volleyball

What is the Difference between Volleyball and Basketball?

The first rule to play volleyball is to hit the ball over the net in such a way that it does not come up to be foul you are allowed to hit the ball with your hand, arm, or head. The ball is made sure to be thrown to the other side of the net where the opposing team is playing. One team gets three chances to hit the ball before passing it to the other team. But if somehow the ball touches the ground on the side of the team having the ball then the point goes to the other team or the ball is considered dead giving the point-winning team the chance to serve.

Teammates are asked to rotate the positions of the players serving the service rights. There is a limit of 21 in the game and the court sides are normally traded after 7 points

Main Differences in Basketball and volleyball at a glance

For basketball hard court made of wood and rectangular shape is used while on the other hand volleyball uses no such court instead it is played on sand Volleyball teams involve six players: two outside hitters, one setter, and three middle blockers on the other hand Basketball involves five players at a time: 1 point guard, 1 small forward 1 shooting guard, 1 center and 1 power forward. Basketball and volleyball are famous worldwide but the former is more popular than later worldwide but the latter is more popular than the former one in Eastern Europe and South America.

Basketball allows the players dribble the ball towers the hoop but in volleyball, the team is allowed to hit the ball at the opposing team. There are four 10 minutes quarters each in basketball while volleyball has only one round to make 21 points and in case of a tie it expands to 25 points The team that has scored more by the waste time of the half game is finished wins. Basketball games have four quarters of 10 minutes, whereas volleyball games have one set of the first to 21 points and a tie-breaking second set to 25.

Basketball vs Volleyball Shoes

Shoes for Basketball have a “nubby” grip pattern that prevents slipping. While Volleyball shoes come with a flat bottom, keeping in view that the players have to play on the sand

Basketball Vs Volleyball Court Size

The standard basketball court size is 94 feet long and 50 feet wide. The standard volleyball court size is 98 feet long and 44.5 feet wide. This clearly shows that players of basketball have more room to play action than the volleyball players and the volleyball players spend more time standing before hitting

Volleyball or Basketball Knee Pads

Kneepads are central in both Volleyball or Basketball they help the joints to stay protected from hard landing impacts. Knee pads for Players of volleyball extend afar the knee, because of the height, aiming to protect against any injury in case of fall. Basketball knee pads are a bit shorter in comparison to volleyball

Volleyball Vs Basketball Uniforms

There is not much difference in the uniform of the player of both the sport each sport player wears a uniform representing the team and sport he plays. They like to wear color-oriented tank tops, skirts, shots, and even jerseys

Volleyball and Basketball Stretching

The players of Volleyball do try to do a dynamic warm-up such as jumping rope, jumping jack, and running while the basketball players like to do their own created warmups to maintain the perfect flexibility and strictness in their body Can you Play Basketball with Volleyball?

Like any real game, both volleyball and basketball are team-focused games. In both of them, the moving of ball through or over a net involves having the rule to pick up and pass. Volleyball got invented at almost the same time as basketball as already discussed earlier but we have clearly seen that both the games have different formats and patterns so it might get weird to play both alongside.

Conclusion : Difference between Volleyball and Basketball?

After having seen all the above discussion and the information provided we can safely say that basketball and volleyball are both exciting and life-giving sports that may bring fun and health in your life. And may take you apart from the drab and boring routine of life.