What Is the Post in Basketball? Position Tips

Post is the most demanded area in the Basketball game where most of the fouls occur. It is also named as a ‘paint’ area where “power forward” and “center” spend most of their time in defense and offense. It is divided into the high post, near the free throw line, and the low post, near the basket.

Mastering the post requires special skills, determination, effort, and hard work as it is the most difficult place in the game where most of the offensive players encounter the defending players. It is the most crowded area and hence most of the mistakes in the game happen in this area. But no worries proper understanding and the right guidance can make him dominant at posting up.

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Why Is It Called the Post in Basketball?

Believe it or not, the word originally comes from the term ‘posting up,’ what offensive players do when they call for the ball in the post. Posting is actually slang that is used to claim the particular area to be owned by a particular player. Usually, there are four posting areas (the four corners of the playing field) now according to the position of the player they are named as the low and high posts.

What Is the Post in Basketball

What Is the Low Post in Basketball?

On both sides of the basket, it is an area located at the bottom of the key. Some also claim this area to be located inside the paint area, underneath the basket, and by baseline. For example when a player centers lining up and power forwards and underneath the basket that is low post lining up. Players such as shooting guards, small forwards, and point guards prefer to play in the low post area. Securing this place is one of the most prioritized things for the offense as most of the Dunks, layups and hook shots occur. Similarly, On its defensive side, the post defenders are responsible to stay physical without fouling, block shots, an box out avoiding second-chance points.

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What Is the High Post in Basketball?

It is the area referring to the paint area located near the free throw line, right at the key top. It exists on both sides of the basket. But it is a bit away from the basket when compared to the low post. This post like the low post exists for both defense and offense. Big men, much low post, also ‘post-up’ in the high-post. Instead of layups, hook shots, and dunks, they often perform unbalanced shots.

What Is the Post in Basketball

What Is Posting Up in Basketball?

When on offense, the body of most of the players faces the basket. This way they keep an eye on whatever is happening around them and ensure that they are in the right position. But in case you are posting up the situation goes the opposite direction as their body faces away from the basket towards their mate players. Post-up players signal to the rest of their team members to get them receive the ball. The high post players avail the different shots in the form of the high and low post and consequently, they prefer a combination of multiple shots.

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Some most effective post shots:

1.     Up and under – this is when the offensive players perform a shot-fake (the up) beneath the basket, that way the defenders jump. When the defender is in the air, the offensive player can change their position (the under) for an open shot.
2.     Hook Shot – having their body between the basket and the ball, the offensive player can shoot it by positioning his hand away from the basket to maintain more space for a better shot. 
3.     Turn-Around Fadeaway – this is the move perfected by Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant in the post. This move is made by turning your back to the basket and suddenly turning around for a fadeaway jump shot.
4.     Layup & Dunk – it is the shot with the highest percentage in basketball. It happens underneath the basket.
5.     Jump Shot – provided that the offensive players have sufficient room while receiving the ball in the post, making it very easy to shoot a score made by a simple jump.

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Most effective post moves:

1.     Drop Step –   when the low post is received by the offensive player in the low post they back down and dribble towards the middle of the basket. Now if the offender is blocking these shots quick spinning and change in direction is an effective move for dunks and layups.
2.     Triple Threat – it is the position, where the offensive players face the defenders after having received the ball in the post. Proper positioning is required to either shoot, pass, or dribble, and then make the right decision.
3.     Spin Move – the effective move in the game that is utilized by the faster players by the quick spin move, and big men utilize a power spin move.
4.     Sikma Move – this move is perfected by Jack Sikma, it is a shoot-and-catch type of play from the post. Just after having received the ball, the player turns toward the opponent to shoot.
5.     Dream Shake – this move is perfected by Hakeem Olajuwon. Here the offensive players fake a layup and hook shots while backing down on the baseline.

Conclusion :What Is the Post in Basketball

Finally, by looking at all the above discussion we can easily reach the conclusion that post holds great importance in the basketball game. They are the main source that contributes to the winning and losing of a team. Here the most important thing is to understand your opponents team as it is important in defining the post shots. Hence, success in the post is fundamental to any team’s triumph — both on defense and offense.