Why Do NBA Players Wear Masks ? Explained

We all know that basketball is fundamentally a physical game involving a lot of high potential stunts. If you play basketball then it is most likely that you, like most of the basketball players, encounter face problems, as it comes in your way while playing; and here comes the role of facemasks

NBA players prefer wearing masks to guard themselves against nose or face injuries and along with that it also helps the already existing injuries to heal faster. The most common injuries that the players face are stray elbows requiring the players to wear masks because of broken orbital bones, cheekbone or nose bone. And to make sure the masks do their job perfectly they are usually made from lightweight carbon fiber or shatterproof polycarbonate

Basketball game is full of wonders. Most of the time you see the players wearing strange masks making the basketball game look like a basketball battle between superheroes and villains. Well, wearing the masks not only protects the players from severe injuries but also helps them look cool and dashing. In the present article we will be discussing all the relevant information regarding “Why Do NBA Players Wear Masks?” in details.

Historical Glance on NBA Players Wear Masks

Have you ever thought, how the idea of wearing mask caught on? Well, it all began in 80s when a lot of facial injuries were faced by many basketball players. During the injury the players were usually left to sit with the crowd and chill just like losers. To avoid such embarrassing situation the idea of wearing masks caught on and now you see that most of players wear mask not only for it protects them against injuries but it also gives them fashion iconic look. Let’s have a deeper look into some of the reasons that why basketball players wear mask

Why Do NBA Players Wear Masks?

Reasons Why Basketball Players Wear Masks

There can be multiple reasons for wearing basketball masks but here in this article we are presenting you with some of the most fundamental reasons as given below

1. Help you play even with Face Injuries

Occasionally, it gets quite tough to avoid many elbows in the game ultimately causing injures like a broken nose or cheekbone. So, the mask appears to be very much protective and it not only guards the affected part but also avoid another hit. A clear cut example of the similar case can be taken from Mike Conley who faced fractured facial bone and he wore a mask to heal faster.

2. Worn as a precaution For Protection from injuries

If you are a basketball fan then you must be aware that basketball is a pure physical game and the chances of getting any injury are always high. But no need to worry, as masks are there to guard you against all the injuries that you may face while playing

3. Masks help to intimidate opponent players

Mostly the players wear the type of the masks that not only protect them but also make them look cool in front of their opponents so that they may put a kind of pressure on them ultimately getting an edge over them and having a better chance to win by mentally disturbing the opposing team.

4. To look like a Brand on the Court

Well wearing masks on the court makes the players look different and amazing to fans and opponents. To their fan the look appears cool and dashing but to their opponent, as already discussed, it seems intimidating. A clear cut example of this can be taken from Kobe who completely owned the show in 2012—when he wore a black face mask instead of clear one.

Things to know about masks

Masks are generally of two types namely Custom Fit and One Size Fits All

1.Generic Mask

The generic masks or one size fits all are the best option when you are with tight budget and only have to wear the mask for only a couple of weeks. They surely have limitations such as ease, every person’s face structure is different and hence may cause a bit inconvenience. Secondly the material may not be up to the mark of costly and custom fit masks. But still such masks are fair enough to choose.

2. Custom Fit

If you are looking for a mask that you want to wear for long then you must go for a custom fit mask. Of course it will be a bit costly comparatively but it will be as comfortable as you can think. Moreover if you are a taller player then generic mask may not be a good fit for you. So it’s better to go for custom fit

3. Does it become difficult to see when wearing a mask?

No, it is a misconception, the masks are so designed as to make the player feel like he is not wearing one. The mask making companies understand this hence they make the masks in such a way as they instead of narrowing your vision helps you see more clearly ultimately helping you take crucial decisions more efficiently on the court.

Famous Basketball Players That Wore Masks

Let’s have a look at some of the basketball players who wore masks.

Kobe Bryant

The first one in our list is Kobe. He was the one who took the mask to the court and his mask got sold for $50,000(fascinating right?). This was only because it was won by Kobe Bryant

Tracy McGrady

The second one in our list is Tracy McGrady. In 2006, he faced face injury got by an elbow. He needed to heal fast, therefore he was left with no option except to opt for a mask

Lebron James

The third one in our list is LeBron. He prefers to wear face masks on different occasions—when he faced injuries. During Cavaliers and Heat days he used to wear masks at extensive rate and to light things up he preferred black mask instead of transparent one which ultimately earned him the title—dark knight. But as the match gave him advantage over other payers so it got banned by NBA

Russel Westbrook

The fourth one in our list is Russel. Once he was playing in the court when Andre Robinson, his teammate, unintentionally kneed him on the face. He was left with no option except to opt for a mask to speed up the healing process. With that mask, he had been able to secure 49 points in one game.

Rip Hamilton

The fifth one in our list is Rip. He got his nose broken three times, that made him wear the mask more than ever. He may be called as the Godfather of the mask. He did not leave wearing the mask even when he healed. He found that mask will guard him against future injuries.

Let’s have a look at the list of some more players who wore masks
Player name Player`s Team Injury time Injury type
Chris Paul Clippers 2012  Nasal Fracture
Joel Embid Sixers 2018 Broken Eye Socket
Kyrie Irving Cavs 2012, 2018 Broken Nose and Face bone
Wilt Chamberlin  Warriors 1964 Broken Nose
Rudy Tomjonovich Rockets 1977  Broken Face
Player Team Year Injury

Conclusion: Why Do NBA Players Wear Masks

Now after having seen all the above discussion we can safely reach a conclusion that how important it is to wear a mask these days especially when you are a basketball player. Wearing masks not only makes you look cool and help your existing injuries to heal faster but also protects from the future injuries. So why wait, it is the right time to pick one for your gameplay.